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If you can’t hear it, what’s the point?

proAV is certified user & reseller of NEXO and RCF.
Paris/France located NEXO SA, is a world leading brand in research and development of ground breaking sound reinforcement solutions, since 1979.
proAV has chosen NEXO as its top of the line audio solution, also for the versatility and variety of its products, covering all aspects of A/V production needs. Ranging from small column speakers for subtle & background sound, and up to complex line array systems for up to 6.000 person, we have the most suitable audio solution to deploy.

Your one-stop shop for audio / lighting / led screen / video / stage /rigging technology

Audio Rental Inventory

  • Nexo: GeoS12 / Ls18 / Ps15R2 / Ps10R2 / Ls600 / ID14 / All hanging & bumper components for all possible rigging options, including line array tower lifters.
  • Electro Voice: Zx / Sx / ELX Series
  • RCF: Evox12 & Jmix8 column line array speaker
  • Lab Gruppen amplification
  • Digital desks: Midas M32 / M32R / X32 / Soundcraft Vi1
  • Analog desks: Soundcraft Signature Series Various
  • Shure microphones ULX-D / QLX-D / SLX / BLX wireless handheld-lavalier-head worn
  • Shure / DPA / AKG mics for concert / live / choir / theatre productions.
  • Full Backline equipment (Yamaha stage Custom / Ampeg / Fender / Kurzweil) to suit all needs.
  • IEM wireless Senheiser / Shure / P16 / P1
  • PIONEER DJ mixing systems for dj’s and producers

You name it, we’ve got it!

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