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Your one-stop shop for audio / backline needs

When in a live music act, or a big concert, there is nothing better than a happy musician!
Our extensive stock of backline equipment, instruments & accessories, are ready to Rock-n-Roll!

  • Yamaha stage Custom & Zildjian drum kits
  • Fender Guitar Amplifiers
  • Ampeg Bass Amplifiers
  • Kurzweil & Kronos stage pianos
  • Shure & AKG various stage mics for instruments & vocals.
  • DPA specialized mics for specific instruments.
  • IEM wireless systems by Sennheiser & Shure
  • Wired IEM by Aviom (A320) & Behringer (P16 / P1)
  • Various instrument & music stands, stand lights, stools, thrones, rugs, etc.

Now, let’s Roll it!

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