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Η ολοκαίνουργια τεχνολογία LED video wall, και η εφαρμογή σε μεγάλες επιφάνειες, θα κάνουν οποιαδήποτε εκδήλωση εντυπωσιακή, και καθηλωτική.


  • Video wall seamless, 55’’ LG monitors, Professional Series, 24/7, 3,5mmBtB, digital signage operation
  • Indoor LED wall 2,9mm pixel pitch (P2.9), by LEDSquare Technologies (by Division), black led, 16bit color, high refresh rate-3.000Hz, 1.000nits, curve cabinets.
  • Outdoor LED wall 3,9mm pixel pitch (P3.9), by DiColor (MA-390), 18bit color, A8S, NasionStar SMD1921, high refresh rate>3.000Hz, 4.500nits, curve cabinets.
  • Convex / Concave Curvable, per 50cm.
  • Ground, stage or suspended rigging applications, with relevant stages and/or trussing, motor hoists etc..
  • For widescreen applications and large format screens.
  • Novastar controllers.
  • Fiber Optics & UTP long distance video signal transmission.
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