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Lighting creates an atmosphere and ambiance feeling that awakens the soul…
It immerses the audience into your custom environment, the environment that we create for you.

Your one-stop shop for audio / lighting / led screen / video / stage /rigging technology

Utilizing an expansive inventory of lighting fixtures of various technologies, we give you the potential to transform any venue.

  • Led bar washer 4 color RGBW COB 12x30watts, 50ο angle, 12 sections pixel mapping by Flash Professional
  • Retro/vintage Blinder WW & RGB washer, 3x60watts WW + 48×0,5watts RGB leds, by BlizzardPRO Lighting (Lux Capacitor) Note: Portman P3 PIX3L with extra RGB LEDs (To be received)
  • Wireless 6Color Uplighter RGBWAUv 9x12watts LED par by BeamZ Professional (BBP60)
  • Wireless 4Color Uplighter/Par RGBA 5x5watts LED by ADJ (QA5)
  • Beam/wash ZOOM par 19x15watts RGBW LED by BeamZ Professional (BAC550Z)
  • IP65 Building washer 40x15watts RGBW led washer with various angle filters & W-Dmx by Cameo (Zenit 600)
  • 6 Color par RGBWAUv 12x12watts LED by BeamZ Professional (BWA532)
  • LED bar 3 color (RGB) 18x3watts, pixel mapping, by Stairville (Show Bar Tri)
  • String Lights & Fairy Lights in custom specifications & configurations.
  • Pin spots warm white & battery powered cool white or RGB, magnetically attachable.
  • Architectural lighting with Tungsten & LED floodlights.
  • Custom and subtle hanging towers and bars, to fit & hide into any environment.
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